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Other Volunteers

Besides Tutors there are many other volunteers who work behind the scenes to keep Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County vibrant and strong. These include Board Members, Committee Members, Trainers, Event Volunteers, Advocates, and others. We encourage all volunteers to complete the Orientation whether or not you will be tutoring.

Board Members

The Board of Directors is the organization’s highest authority and consequently Board members carry the greatest responsibility. The Board sets the tone and guides the direction for the organization. All administrative and financial policies are decided by the Board. Being a Director requires a serious commitment, but it is also very rewarding. While a good Tutor may affect the lives of many families, a good Director will affect the lives of hundreds of families. If you have served on a Board before, or feel strongly about literacy in Wayne County, this is your opportunity to make a real difference.

Download a Board Member Job Description

Committee Members

It takes many skills to maintain and grow a good organization. Through a Committee, volunteers can share their expertise on specific issues. Being on a committee requires less time commitment than the Board, but can have a significant impact on the organization.

Committees at Literacy Volunteers
  • Finance – oversees all financial transactions and plans
  • Program – helps support and improve tutoring programs
  • Public Relations – organizes events and markets LV Wayne
  • Resource Development – ensures human and fiscal resources are sufficient
  • Ad hoc committees – formed for specific short-term purposes like a fundraising event, reviewing employment policies, and preparing for accreditation.

Download a Committee Member Job Description


The quality of instruction that students receive depends mainly on the quality of training that Tutors receive. If you have experience in education, language, or as a trainer or facilitator, you might be interested in becoming a Tutor Trainer. Trainers are one of the most critical components of any Literacy Volunteer organization, as they provide the knowledge, skills, and encouragement that volunteer Tutors need to become effective instructors. After the initial requirements are met, the commitment is limited to a few workshops each year.

Download a Trainer Job Description

Events Volunteers

Every year, LV Wayne holds special events such as a Spelling Bee, a Student/Tutor Recognition Dinner and other meetings, dinners, and fundraisers. Volunteers with a wide range of expertise are invited to help in the design to the execution of these events. We especially need people willing to take the lead in planning and overseeing other volunteers. Volunteers who like to participate in one-time events, or who prefer minimal time and maximum flexibility, might be interested in working on special events.

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Most funding for literacy, not only for LV Wayne but also across the nation, comes from government sources. Unfortunately literacy is often a silent issue because low literate individuals typically try to hide their lack of skills and many don’t vote. There is always a need to keep literacy issues in the minds of those who make decisions about adult education. You can contact your legislators directly or take action through our state or national literacy organizations to let your elected officials know how you feel about the need for literacy programs.


Do you want to help out, but don’t see anything that fits? We would love to talk to you to find something that matches your skills and interests. We sometimes have booths at local festivals or need to distribute flyers. Some volunteers have put together scrapbooks for us. Others have helped with computer networking and repair. We can help you find a home for the gift of your volunteer time, even if it is outside of LV Wayne.

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Complete the Orientation to give you a better idea of who we are and what we do.

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