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As our name indicates, we depend heavily on a variety of volunteers to do the work of improving literacy in Wayne County. There are several types of volunteers, including tutors, board members, committee members, and others.


Tutors are the heart of Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County. They serve on the “front lines”, working directly with adult learners to help them Literacy Tutor improve their literacy skills. Because most tutoring is one-to-one, it is flexible enough to fit many schedules. When finding a student to match with a tutor we consider geographic location, tutor and student availability, and the type of instruction and level of student that the tutor prefers. In order to provide the best learning environment, and for everyone’s safety, we ask that you meet in a neutral location such as a library.

Volunteers can tutor in one of our programs such as Literacy or English as a Second Language (ESL). Or you can teach another subject such as math or computers if you have a strong interest in a particular topic. Many tutors choose to be certified in both Literacy and ESL so they can help wherever there is a need.

The requirements for becoming a tutor are:

  • be 16 years of age or older
  • have a high school diploma, or GED*
  • be willing to share 2-4 hours a week for 1 year
  • complete an approved Tutor Training

No prior teaching experience is necessary
No foreign language skills are needed

*High School Seniors in good standing may be accepted as a Tutor with written permission from a parent.

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Download an ESL Tutor Job description

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